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He PengPartner

Personal profile

  • He Peng, a Senior Partner of Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm, graduated from the law school of Southwest University of Political Science and Law with a bachelor's degree. Later, he went to Germany for further study and obtained a master's degree in law from Bielefeld University (LLM. Universitat Bielefeld). He has been in practice in law for 15 years (since 2005).

    He provides legal advisory services to large state-owned enterprises, multinational companies, domestic and foreign listed companies, private equity fund management companies, real estate companies, etc.. He also provides legal services in risk control, corporate governance, investment and financing, dispute settlement, etc. With his professional legal literacy, strong sense of responsibility, serious and solid work attitude, he has won the praise and affirmation of his customers.

Education background

  • 2003-2004: Bielefeld University, Germany,LL.M.

  • 1995-1999: Southwest University of Political Science & Law, Bachelor of Laws

Work experience

  • 2004.03-2011.12: lawyer of Tahota Law Firm

  • 2012.01-2016.12: Partner of Tahota Law Firm

  • 2016.12-Present: Senior partner of Tahota Law Firm

Social positions and memberships

  • Member of Private Equity and Venture Capital Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association

  • Member of Finance and Securities Research Association of Chaoyang District Bar Association

Representative performance

  • Was in charge of Major Asset Restructuring project of GAOMENG New Material Co., Ltd. Main work: Issue legal opinions. Results: It was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission;

  • Was in charge of Cinda capital plans to invest in pre IPO project;

  • Managed CITIC Capital's equity investment restructuring and withdrawal from the special project. Results: In progress;

  • Managed D-round financing and employee equity incentive of Beijing Quhuo Technology Co., Ltd. D round of financing and employee equity incentives; a-round financing of start-ups such as Baipeihuitong, Sanlingxunhong and Wemedia; financing legal services such as pan test environmental technology company and IDS big eye b-round financing. Results: Financing Completed;

  • Managed the acquisition of Hengping Trust Co., Ltd. by China Railway Engineering Group Limited, the acquisition and transfer of assets of Beijing MEIBANG International Center of China Railway No.2 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and the acquisition of special legal services for the restructuring of a large state-owned enterprise in Binhai New Area of Tianjin. Results: Acquisition completed, clients satisfied;

  • Managed fund investment related businesses of private equity fund management companies such as Xixiang film and television capital, Gaozhihongyuan fund, Shuxianghoutu, Zhenxinjingyuan, Beijing Xinjinhongtaida, Zhejiang Gewu. Main work: Issue legal opinions. Results: Approved by the Fund Industry Association;

  • Provide legal services and issue legal opinions for the whole process of the listing project of the new third board of the Greatunion, Huatai information, Shandong MicroMap, etc.; Provide Annual Legal Counsel for the new third board listing companies, such as GBASE, DNDT, Goyoo Networks, TwchTemple, etc. Results: Legal opinions have been issued and services have been completed. Annual Legal Service has been renewed.

  • Provides Legal Services for real estate companies such as Longfor real estate, Sino-Ocean real estate, Radiance real estate, Yango, General real estate, etc;

  • Provided Financial Legal Service to support corporate business of CRTC, Minmetals Trust, Guosheng Zhaohong financial leasing Guosheng and other financial companies. Results: clients satisfied;

  • As legal advisers of dozens of enterprises, such as China security certificate Development Center, SAFRAN, China Green Foundation, Beipai Equipment Group, Longfor Group, Aerospace Network Information Co., Ltd, China Pocy Group Co, Ltd, etc. Annual Legal Service has been renewed.

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