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Development in Central China | Tahota Law Firm Established Office in Zhengzhou

2022-05-05 Views:24970

Looking north at the Central Plains, heroic spirit is shining like the brilliance of the sun and moon; there, magnificent mountains reveal elegance, rivers run through the vast land, and barred clouds bloom over the Gobi desert. As an old saying goes, whoever wins the Central Plains wins the world; in the modern context, we can put it this way: whoever based in Zhengzhou converges intelligence throughout China. On April 26, 2022, a booming time, Tahota (Zhengzhou) Law Firm was officially established upon approval of the Department of Justice of Henan Province, signifying that Tahota has scaled up its coverage to Zhengzhou, the city of commerce.

Extensive Layout, Universal Service

Seated at the bank of the Yellow River, Henan is the cradle of Chinese civilization. The lofty palaces and weathered walls have witnessed spectacles in Xia, Shang, Han, Tang and Song Dynasties. For thousands of years, the Yellow River, winding its way east, has nurtured the former generations of Chinese dwelling by water, and has driven the central economic region for better prosperity. Now, the hinterland Zhengzhou has been awarded as a city striving for development of Central China, ecological protection at Yellow River basin, and high-quality development strategy. The city has six planning zones: Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone, National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone and National Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone. At the end of 2016, the fourth circuit court of the Supreme People's Court was established in Zhengzhou, with the circuit covering major administrative, civil and commercial cases in Henan, Shanxi, Hubei and Anhui, reflecting the regional influence of Zhengzhou on local justice.

This ancient commercial city shines everlasting light from generations to generations. We have come all the way north following rich cultural background and charming landscape, and reach deep and far on this land of endless energy. We anticipate in-depth cooperation between the new Zhengzhou Office and Beijing, Jinan, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xi'an and Taiyuan Offices, contributing to the business upgrade of Tahota in North and Central China, and highlighting the strategic layout of Tahota to "cover China and connect the world".

Overall Development to Pool Talents, Splendid Prosperity in the New Journey

Chinese civilization originated from the Central Plains, a vast and all-inclusive land that welcomes guests from all over the world and embraces various different cultures, driving the historical development of the Chinese civilization. That inclusiveness just coincides with Tahota's concept of "being imperturbable but not arrogant, harmonious but diverse". When first established, Tahota Zhengzhou Office converged a pool of professional teams and individuals specialized in multiple sectors, such as digital cultural creation, criminal compliance, financial insurance, real estate and construction engineering, company commerce, medical healthcare, bankruptcy settlement and reorganization, and major commercial dispute settlement.

Tahota Zhengzhou Office will always maintain enthusiasm for the law and attract lawyer teams with profound theoretical foundation and rich practice experience. At the same time, it will fully integrate the advantages of our offices worldwide and cooperate with partners inside and outside China, so as to build "Tahota benchmark" locally and spread the awareness of "Tahota brand" throughout Central China by virtue of strong scale effect, solid business strength, and high-quality and high-level legal services. We are determined to provide indispensable legal power for the construction and development in the central regions.

Cherishing the past spectacles, pursuing future prosperity in Zhengzhou

Looking back to the splendor in history, we pursue a bright future on this vast land in the Central Plains. With a long history of thousands of years and rich cultural heritage, Zhengzhou faces new development opportunities in our time. This modern city is now accelerating its pace to growing into a national central city characterized by an international commercial city and a comprehensive hub with international influence and radiation, and capability of integrating national and international strengths.

The Central China has risen with an overwhelming momentum, and the construction of a commercial city faces a promising prospect. After more than 20 years of development, Tahota is now experiencing the second year of our second five-year strategic plan. With stable development and deliberate layout, we have come to Zhengzhou that leads the integrated development of central city aggregation and supports the rise of Central China. In this long-awaited spring, with the help and support of judicial and administrative agencies at all levels, industrial associations and all sectors of the society, Tahota Zhengzhou Office will bring new impetuses for Tahota to further promote cross-field high-efficiency cooperation and construction of service network. In the future, the Office will also forge ahead in a better and courageous way, adding a new chapter to Tahota story in the new era.