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Intellectual Property and Innovation in the Age of AI, Co-authored by Mr. Charles Feng and Special Counsel Yasuaki Mori, etc, Was officially Published in Japan

2023-11-17 Views:932

The booming development of AI technology not only creates new protection needs for intellectual property rights, but also provides broader space for innovation. However, the development of AI technology also brings challenges to the protection of intellectual property rights.


The Japanese monograph Intellectual Property and Innovation in the Age of AI, co-authored by Tahota partner Mr. Charles Feng and special counsel Yasuaki Mori, was published by Japan’s JUSE Press on July 19, 2023. The book consists of five chapters, including AI and Intellectual Property Rights, Overseas AI and Intellectual Property Rights Policies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Biological Patents in the Age of AI, and Reflections on the Legal Regulation of Intellectual Property Infringement by AI. Chapter 5 of the book is written by Mr. Charles Feng, which discusses China’s intellectual property regulation model based on AI, and interprets the logical norms of AI design formulated by the United States, UNESCO and other international organizations. The chapter also focuses on the litigation cases related to AI, including intellectual property rights, as well as judgment cases in China, Europe and the United States related to the risk of copyright infringement, patent infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition by AI. In order to minimize the negative impacts and damages that may be caused by the black-box nature of algorithms, Mr. Feng also provided specific suggestions on the precautions to be taken by the operators.


About the Author

Mr. Charles Feng graduated from Duke University and China Foreign Affairs University with a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree. Mr. Feng has extensive experience in IP-related controversial and non-controversial cases, IP-related antitrust cases, as well as cybersecurity and personal information protection. Over the past two decades, Mr. Feng has represented a large number of foreign-related intellectual property infringement and right confirmation litigation cases, as well as unfair competition cases, and has participated in the drafting, negotiation and execution of intellectual property transaction contracts. At the same time, Mr. Feng has provided legal opinions on cyberspace security and data protection for many enterprises, and has rich experience in cyberspace security and data compliance, personal information protection, etc. He is one of the lawyers who have paid attention to and engaged in the legal business related to data security and protection of enterprises and cross-border transmission of data in the early days.


Charles Feng’s team consists of more than ten attorneys and patent attorneys graduated from well-known law schools in China and abroad, all of whom have master’s or doctoral degrees in law. Feng’ team can provide legal services to clients in intellectual property rights, data protection, foreign investment, and civil and commercial dispute resolution in Chinese, English, Japanese, French, and Malay.



Chapter 1 AI and Intellectual Property

Chapter 2 Overseas AI and Intellectual Property Policies

Chapter 3 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 4 Biological Patents in the Age of AI

Chapter 5 Reflections on the Legal Regulation of Intellectual Property Infringement by AI


Link to buy the book:

Juse Press (juse-p.co.jp)