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Journey Along the Silk Road, Renewal of all things ——TAHOTA Vientiane Office Formally Inaugurate

2023-12-07 Views:9815

By the banks of the quaint and quiet Mekong River, emerald ancient trees towered into the sky. The fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, the collision of history and today. Every mountain and river, every blade of grass and tree, unveils the charm of folklore. The light breeze and drizzle, the setting sun and the setting clouds, composing a romantic and freehand feeling. The journey along the Silk Road, the renewal of all things– this is Lao PDR!

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party held its 10th collective study on strengthening the construction of foreign-related legal system on 27 November 2023. When presiding over the study session, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that it is imperative to deeply recognize the importance and urgency of doing a good job in the rule of law concerning foreign issues, establish a foreign-related legal system and capabilities in line with high-quality development and high-level opening up, and create favorable legal conditions and external environment for the stable and long-term implementation of Chinese path to modernization.

Laos is an Asian country that is friendly to China and has hosted many large-scale Chinese investment projects. At the end of 2021, the China-Laos Railway, as the most important part of the middle section of the Pan-Asian Railway, was opened successfully, opening up a direct passage from the Indochina Peninsula to the Indian Ocean, bringing more opportunities for the future connection with countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and the development of the Maritime Silk Road. With the continuous deepening of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, "Legal Services for Chinese company ODI in South and Southeast Asia" will remain a hot and focus spot, as well as a research area and service direction of lawyers' services for the foreseeable future. 

Recently, the official inauguration of TAHOTA Vientiane Office was announced. The establishment of the office holds practical significance for TAHOTA Law Firm in realizing its international layout with offices in major global economies and countries along the One Belt, One Road, marking a more solid step towards building an overseas service network for TAHOTA Law Firm in South and Southeast Asia. 

The professional team of TAHOTA Vientiane Office has more than 15 years of experience in providing foreign-related legal services, with an extensive eight-year practice in the Lao legal service market. TAHOTA Vientiane Office’s services cover a wide rage, including overseas railways, highways, steel, paper, tobacco, hydropower station, mining, aviation, real estate, international engineering, economic zones, urban infrastructure construction, cross-border financing, dispute resolution and many other fields. Currently, it has become the leading Chinese law firm in Laos, serving the most prominent companies and major projects in Laos. At the same time, TAHOTA Vientiane Office also actively participates in consular protection and assistance in Laos, contributing to the establishment of a legal security chain to protect China’s overseas interests. 

In the future, TAHOTA Vientiane Office will leverage the advantages of Tahota Law Firm's global presence and overseas service network. Combining our own professional expertise and past service experience, we will collaborate with international and Lao local law firms, accounting firms, asset evaluation companies, commercial bank and other professional service organizations to build a global and diversified professional service ecosystem for our clients. We actively seek to promote the interactive development in professional services and business activities in Laos and Indochina Peninsula, and provide clients with more valuable services and products. 

Crossing over mountains and rivers, we embark on a new journey together. TAHOTA Law Firmwill continue to adhere to forward-thinking, overall planning, strategic layout, and holistic promotion, participate in the process of foreign-related legal system construction, actively build a global legal service network, engage in foreign-related legal services, and strive to build ourselves into a world-class international law firm.