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Tahota Partner Chunyan Ma and Lawyer Caifeng Zhan Participated in “Lawyer Shopping Guide and Foreign-related Business Forum”

2008-04-22 Views:15150

In the afternoon of April 18, Tahota, as the co-organizer of the “Lawyer Shopping Guide and Foreign-related Business Forum”, participated in this forum in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) by delegates of partner Chunyan Ma, lawyer Caifeng Zhan and other staff. This forum was jointly organized by Liu & Associates, P.C. and Yien (Beijing) Consulting Service Co., Ltd., seeking to realize communication and exchange among the government, enterprises and professionals in fields of finance, investment and international trade in the context of internationalization and to realize resource share, information exchange and opportunity communication on a better high-end platform. International law and commerce expert Dr. Warren Wen, SUFE President Jinkang Gao, Dr. Zonghui Yang, entrepreneur Hong Liu and staff in governmental authorities and financial field participated in this forum. This forum was reported on West China Metropolitan Daily and Chengdu Commercial Daily.

Participants include:

Jinkang Gao     President of SUFE Law School

Warren Wen      Senior partner of Liu & Associates, P.C.

Qingzheng Peng     Director lawyer of D&S (Guangdong) Law Firm

Chunyan Ma    Partner lawyer of Tahota Law Firm

Lin Duan       Director lawyer of Jus Law Firm

Mingzhi Zhang    Executive director of D&S (Hunan) Law Firm

Junlin Xie     Partner lawyer of Guangdong Zhiyang Law Firm

Tianqiang He    Director lawyer of Chongqing Senda Law Firm

Guangbin Liu     Director lawyer of Zhong Yin Law Firm Sichuan Branch

Li Lei      Partner lawyer of Sichuan Junhe Law Firm

Yu Zhou     Lawyer of Zhong Yin Law Firm Sichuan Branch

Yong Ding     Lawyer of Chongqing Senda Law Firm  

Yong Zhang      Director lawyer of Chongqing Senda Law Firm

Peng Song      Lawyer of Chongqing Senda Law Firm  

Zonghui Yang      Germany oversea study doctor of SUFE Law School

Ren Wang      Deputy director of Chengdu SASAC Property Right Department

Deming Wang     Risk management director, BOC, Sichuan Branch

Weilun Zhang      President of Guangzhou Willsun Property

Jin Wang      Journalist of West China Metropolitan Daily Finance Column

I. Lawyer Peng restates core purpose of the forum:

Before the formal start of the meeting, lawyer Peng emphasized again the core purpose of the forum: communication of investment and financing experience; communication and interface of project information. Lawyer Peng expressed his appreciation on famous people in the legal practice field for their attending of the forum and his great expectation on the forum held in Chengdu in April.

II. President Gao of SUFE Law School as the sponsor making welcoming address

As the representative for the sponsor, President Gao of SUFE Law School delivered a warm welcoming address to elites participating in the forum from all circles. President Gao first of all introduced basic information of SUFE. As a financial university collecting resources in southwestern area, SUFE has cultivated numerous senior financial and economic talents, especially in financial field and has made great contribution to China’s economic development.

III. Keynote speech of Warren Wen: high-end service industry platform erected by lawyers

Warren Wen started its keynote speech by economic development. Enterprises are lack of talents; the government needs enterprises to transform; foreign capital can hardly enter China. In this context, China cannot avoid the fate of being a low-end market. The key to solve this problem should be lawyers. Market competition has transformed to be competition among industrial chains and competition among platforms. There should be a certain platform to integrate all kinds of social resources. Comparing with the development of lawyer industry in the United States, Warrant Wen believes that such a platform should be erected by lawyers.

Warren Wen shared the new idea derived in American lawyer industry and highlighted development advantages of American lawyer industry which were professionalization, corporatization, internationalization, informationization and being platform-based. He pointed out that lawyers should not only consider our own interest, but should focus on creating values for customers and society. Lawyers, as professional, should better apply their extensive resources to form professional groups, better erect business bridges and assume more social responsibilities.

IV. The way of Willsun- mode of attracting foreign investment to Chinese real estate industry

President Weilun Zhang of Guangzhou Willsun Property Co., Ltd. affirmed the mode of lawyer shopping guide and pointed out the key which should be the realization of resource integration and industrial transformation. With this problem, President Zhang summarized his own experience and the foreign-related theme of the forum and also introduced the way taken by Willsun.

Combining the situation in real estate industry, President Zhang also introduced the significance and advantages of erecting such a platform combining lawyer shopping guide and Willsun mode based on the following three questions: 1. Is the Chinese real estate market a good destination for foreign investment capital? 2. It is current golden time for oversea capital to invest in Chinese real estate; 3. Optimal mode for oversea capital to invest in Chinese real estate industry. President Zhang also gave his opinions on the way to realize industrial transformation.

V. Lawyer shopping guide network- a dream of starting business for society of harmony and honest economy

Lawyer Qingzheng Peng of D&S Law Firm, as the keynote speaker, explained in details the goal and design of the lawyer shopping guide network from eight aspects, including the ultimate goal, creative ideas, entrepreneurial purposes, investment and consumption of the lawyer shopping guide network, its influence on future economic society and experimental cases.

Lawyer Peng explained the literal meaning of lawyer shopping guide: lawyer represents good faith, professional, legal and standard; guide refers to guiding, leading and dominating, namely, purchasing, merger, acquisition (trading promotion) under the guidance of professional lawyers; shopping refers to purchasing, merger and acquisition, namely, realizing transaction monitoring throughout the trading process under the domination of professional lawyers- transaction guarantee. Lawyer shopping guide is to make use of all resources of elite lawyers to cooperate with other elites in lawyer field in order to realize the ultimate objectives of establishing an honest, professional, legitimate and safe lawyer shopping guide network exchange, information disclosure platform and reliable and trustful commodity (asset) transaction platform.

The impassioned speech of lawyer Peng warmed up the forum. Slogans proposed by lawyer Peng were well received by guests at the site, including “lawyer shopping guide, belonging to every elite law firm of China”, “No small farmer awareness for lawyer shopping guide”, “Union of elite lawyers, liberating partner directors”. Mr. Warren Wen promptly made response that “small farmer lawyers” should be excluded from the alliance.

According to the development planning of lawyer shopping guide alliance, the lawyer shopping guide forum oriented at serving integrate economy (integrate enterprises and integrate commodities), serving SMEs, serving modern e-commerce (unity of information and transaction), serving the government for improvement and upgrading of investment invitation and serving innovative legal education in the future will create society-humanity-market triple value for future economic society in fields of investment and consumption. It will advocate harmonious right protection, preventive right protection and professional right protection. It should have demonstration effect for constructing harmonious community and building up harmonious consumption concept. It will advocate “integrity and governance by law” and promote by the force of the market the due promotion role of moral construction in the new times. An “honest, standard, legitimate and safe” network exchange will be built. It will also give into play its unique charm for building harmonious market economic order and pure network trading environment.

Finally, combining practice of D&S Law Firm, lawyer Peng said that the lawyer shopping guide forum would create more and more opportunities for partners and provide all partners with full-course services to embody its value and create benefit and interest for investors.

VI. Free discussion and summary