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Wang LingwenPartner

Personal Profile

  • Starting practising as a lawyer since 1993, Mr WANG Lingwen has been providing perennial/particular legal services to numerous large scale state-owned enterprises, institutions and/or group companies with his profound legal expertise and rich experience. Wtih the trust of clients, he has been working with various institutions, as legal consultant, and other law firms for over 15 years.

  • Including company establishment, merger/acquisition, project financing, and/or mining rights transfer, Mr. WANG Lingwen provides particular/full-process legal services for lots of well-known Chinese energy/mining companies. He acts as legal consultant for various large scale Chinese/foreign companies in the fields of natural energy environment and PPP, with clients such as Jinmei Group, Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Tongmei Group, etc. Services include overall strategic planning on energy/mining, investment/financing, and/or other special litigation services.

Education Background

  • 1982-1985 Southeast Shanxi Normal College

  • 1987-1990 Shanxi University

  • 1999-2010 East China University of Political Science and Law

  • 2001-2002 Peking University

  • 2008—2010 Shanxi University of Finance and Economics EMBA

Work experience

  • 1985-1995 Shanxi Zhangze Power Plant

  • 1995-1998 Shanxi Economic (Foreign) Law Firm

  • 1999-2000 Shanxi Chengcheng Law Firm

  • 2000-2004 Shanxi Hesheng Law Firm

  • 2004-2019 Shanxi Xietiancheng Law Firm

  • 2019-present Tahota Law Firm, Senior Partner

Social Titles and Membership

  • Environmental Law Research Association, the Chinese Law Society, Director

  • All-China Lawyers’ Association, Professional Committee on Environmental Resources and Energy, Member

  • Shanxi Law Society, the Research Society on Energy and Environmental Resources, Executive Vice President

  • Shanxi Coalbed Methane Industry Association, Executive Director

  • Shanxi Lawyers Association, the Corporate Law Committee, Deputy Director

  • The General Chamber of Commerce of Shanxi Merchants in Australia, General Law Counsel

  • The Changzhi City Law Society, General Counsel

Honours and Evaluations

  • “Outstanding lawyer of Shanxi Province” (1998)

  • "China's Top Ten News Lawyers" (2011, by the magazine "Legal and Political Circle")

  • In 2015, Mr. Wang Lingwen won the Best Case Award, the only one across the Chinese lawyers industry, awarded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection together with the China Law Society, for “continuing to promote the integration of gas and coal mining and the innovation of system development of Shanxi coalbed methane industry”.

Main Achievements

  • 1. Since 2004, he has been serving as the perennial legal consultant for the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People's Government of Shanxi Province, providing policy consultation, policy formulation, document review, and/or compliance review on major issues.

  • 2. Since 2004, he has been providing full legal advice service to state-owned enterprises in Shanxi Province on transfer of corporate inherent property rights/assets

  • 3. Continuously providing legal service for China's “gas extraction and coal mining integration” as well as coal/coalbed methane mineral rights adjustment for 10 years, 2006-2015

  • 4. Legal services on a series of water disputes between the companies of “Shanxi Electric Power” and “Shanxi Water Supply”.

  • 5. Perennial legal counsel services to the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Taiyuan Municipal Transportation Bureau, and the Tunliu District People's Government.

  • 6. Perennial legal advisory services for the construction of PPP project of Taiyuan Rail Transit Line 2, involving over RMB 20 billion.

  • 7. Full process legal services for the Beijing-Kunming Expressway, Taiyuan Northwest Second Ring Road PPP project, involving 25 billion yuan

  • 8. Full process legal services for the PPP project of Liulin County Aluminum Processing Park, involving 2 billion yuan

  • 9. Special legal services for the development of coalbed methane by the Far East Energy Company, which is headquartered in the U.S.

  • 10. Full legal services for Leasing Co., Ltd. debt collection project of the China Development Bank.

  • 11. Full legal services for the mining reorganization and merger of the subsidiaries of Shanxi Jinmei Group

  • 12. Full process special legal services for the sewage treatment PPP project , the Tunliu Economic Development Zone.

  • 13. Legal services on energy/mining investment to The General Chamber of Commerce of Shanxi Merchants in Australia.


  • 1. "Study on the Legal Issues of "Gas Production and Coal Integration" co-authored by Wang Lingwen together with Zhu Xiaoming, He Tiancai, published in September 2008 by China Law Press.

  • 2. “Difficulties in the Development of Shanxi Coalbed Methane Industry”, mainly by Wang Lingwen in 2009, jointly with the Policy Research Office of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee

  • 3. “Gasification in Shanxi Province and the Implementation Plan of Property Rights Reorganization of Provincial Coalbed Methane Enterprises”, mainly by Wang Lingwen, in October 2010, commissioned by Shanxi Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

  • 4. “Compilation of Standardized Documents for Coalbed Methane Industry”, Wang Lingwen as Editor-in-Chief, in September 2011, published by Shanxi Economic Publishing House

  • 5. “On the Dispute over the Gas Mining Rights”, by Wang Lingwen, published by Legal and Poliitical Circle in December 2011

  • 6. "Special Study on the Heating and Gas Linkage Mechanism", by Wang Lingwen, published in October 2012 by Shanxi Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission

  • 7. Wang Lingwen presided over of the formulation of the “Measures for the Construction and Protection of Oil and Gas Pipelines in Shanxi Province”, reviewed and passed by the Shanxi Provincial People's Government in 2013

  • 8. “Implementation Opinions on the Development of Facility Agriculture in Dingxiang County”, completed by Wang Lingwenin 2013 together with the weekly magazine “National Governance”. The project was commissioned by the Dingxiang County CPC Committee and the Government.

  • 9. “Annual Development Report on Coalbed Methane Industry in Shanxi Province (2013-2014)”, mainly by Wang Lingwen.

  • 10. “Innovation of Local Legislation of Mining Rights: Breaking the Practical Dilemma of CBM and Coal Development and Utilization -- Taking Shanxi as an Example” (Journal of China University of Political Science and Law, 2014, first issue), by Wang Lingwen and Li Huaishhou

  • 11. “China Coalbed Methane Lawyers’ Network” hosted by Wang Lingwen for 10 years (2006-2016)

  • 12. The formulation of the Regulations on the Protection of Drinking Water Sources in Shuozhou City (2018-2019)., organized and participated by Wang Lingwen

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